Monday, October 8, 2012


I am continuing to work on my animal themed paintings that are based on animals that have come from shelters.  These paintings are of two cats my daughter Holly named Tom and Mogen.

All the paintings of animals that I have done so far are based on photos for the obvious reasons that they either will not sit still long enough for me to paint them or they will not pose the way I want them to.  By having all animals I paint appear to be looking directly out of the picture at the viewer I can capture an illusion of their individual personalities.

I have done three paintings of these cats so far.  The first one is a 10"x8" watercolor sketch.  The second painting is a more finished 23"x17" watercolor portrait.  The third is a 20"x16" mixed media painting that took me five days to complete.

I hope you enjoy my cats.

Tom & Mogen #1, 10"x8" Watercolor, $125 Unframed
Tom & Mogen #2, 22"x16" Watercolor, $425 Unframed
Mogen 20"x16" Mixed Media, $550 Gallery Wrapped

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