Monday, August 13, 2012


I am continuing my series of paintings of places, objects and people that have been lost or are disappearing in the post industrial global economy we now live in.

I was looking through reference files recently and I stumbled across some old photos of dogs that were hanging around me one afternoon while I was painting an old barn in the Tennessee country side.  The dogs were not very interested in my paintings but were really interested in the art supplies in my paint box.

As I remember those dogs were sweet tempered and friendly but they did not have much discipline and they did not look like they were very well cared for. It struck me that our pets are sometimes also victims of the times we live in. With that in mind I decided to do a new series of paintings dedicated to our best friends who ask nothing from us but our unconditional love.

All the paintings in this series are of animals that have come from shelters. I hope you enjoy my new paintings.

"WISE GUY" (A dog I met by the side of the road)
Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125

"HI THERE!" (A dog I met on a country road)
Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125

"MOLLY" (A dog I met at Starbucks)
Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125

Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125
Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125

Watercolor 8x10    Unframed $125

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  1. Very nice series, and exciting to see you branch out into the animal kingdom ;)