Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horsing Around With The Horse

My experience painting horses in Cartersville, GA.

There were four horses for us to paint.  I chose the one in a corral all by himself, thinking that at least he would not run off on me while I painted him!!  I had to get in the corral with him without knowing what he would do.  Instead of wondering off to the other side like I thought he would do, the horse was very curious about me and what I was doing.  He figured out how to open my toolbox that held all my art supplies and started to go through my paint.  He also thought my brushes were interesting.  I did not know if he liked my painting of him or not, but he knocked it off my easel.  And then he stuck his head over the easel putting his nose an inch from my face, making it impossible for me to paint.  I gave him a hug and a pat and pushed him out of the way, but he kept coming back.  Eventually he stood still long enough for me to do this painting of him and I became the "horse whisperer" for the day.  His name is Magnum!! 

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